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Put On Your Goody Two Shoes and Turn Up The Antmusic!

A look back at Adam Ant’s debut solo album

Image source: CBS/Epic Records/Sony Music Entertainment

I first became a fan of Adam Ant in early 1981. He and his band Adam and the Ants had released their album Kings of the Wild Frontier in December 1980 and I bought it not long afterward.

It quickly became one of my favorite albums that I owned. I’m…

My Favorite Holiday Songs — Part 2

Some people want to fill the world with silly Christmas songs — and what’s wrong with that?

Image source: Parlaphone Records and Columbia Records

Paul McCartney released the single for “Wonderful Christmastime” in November of 1979. After having spent the majority of the 1970s with his band Wings, this was his first official solo single since “Eat At Home” in 1971.

The song was recorded during the sessions for Paul’s album McCartney II

I Prompt You!

What are your favorite first albums from singers and/or bands?

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Hey, you groovy music-loving, kids! I’ve got a fun writing prompt for you.

It’s exactly what it says in the title way, way up above:

Tell us about your favorite debut albums from musical acts.

Your article (oops — sorry, Medium — “story”) can basically be anything you want it…

The Favorite Debut Albums Writing Challenge

A look at the amazing first album by The Pretenders

Image source: Sire Records/Warner Music Group

Okay, mini-rant here. Even though the name of the band is officially “Pretenders” and not actually “The Pretenders,” it feels odd for me to leave the “The” off of it, so I’m not going to. I feel the same way…

P.S. — Don’t duck if your name is Mark! The above is just an expression.

Image source: Marvel Studios/Disney+

But first…a mini-rant about movie and television versions of comic book superheroes:

I’m a Marvel fan but I’m not a superfan. I’ve seen all of The Avengers movies, but I’m hit-or-miss (oh, the puns continue) when it comes to a lot of the other things from Marvel Studios.

For me…

My Favorite Holiday Songs — Part 1

A great holiday song for Thanksgiving and Christmas — and every other day of the year too

Image Source: Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment

Between 1971 and 1976, Kenny Loggins was half of the very successful music duo Loggins and Messina. They had several popular songs during that time, including the hits “Danny’s Song,” “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” “My Music,” and “House at Pooh Corner.”

After they split up, Kenny Loggins went on to…

A poem of gratitude during the Thanksgiving season (and a short video of gratitude too)

Photo by Kiy Turk on Unsplash

on each
We dine together
eating turkey and other things
but that is not all that the holiday is about
It should be about gratitude
for all that we have
Even things
we may

sound odd
but knowing
the things we dislike
can help make us feel more…

Keeping The Faith With…

Remembering the great music of the legendary entertainer — both solo and with Wham!

Image source: From the front cover of the George Michael compilation album ‘Twenty Five,’ released by Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Like a lot of people, I first became aware of George Michael when he was in the duo Wham! with Andrew Ridgely.

I can’t remember what the first song was that I heard by them, but it was something from their debut album Fantastic in 1983. There were a couple…

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