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First of all — hello! Thank you for visiting Plethora of Pop!

I’ve been thrilled to see how much this publication has grown over the past several months. It originally started as a private pub for me to publish my own stories about Pop Culture in.

When I opened it…

Classic Album Rewind: Albums Turning 40 in 2022, Part 1

A look at ‘Picture This’ — the first hit album from the band

Image Source: Chrysalis Records

I know what you’re probably thinking.

You’re probably thinking that I was being a little presumptuous there in the title when I referred to “our love” as it if was a reciprocal kind of love between me and Huey Lewis and The News.

Sure, I can honestly say that I’ve…

These television series helped make me who I am

Dan Aykroyd and Steve Martin as “two wild and crazy guys” on Saturday Night Live. Image source: NBC Television

#10TvShowsThatDefineMe has been trending on Twitter (follow me there, if you like) the past couple of days.

Call me a rebel, but I felt like sharing my list of 10 shows here rather than on Twitter. (Please forgive me, Twitter.)

I think each of the following shows has played a…

Pierce McIntyre

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